buy house with no cash deposit

How to Buy a House with NO DEPOSIT in South Africa

It sounds impossible, but it is true, you can buy a house without paying a deposit in South Africa. No deposit, no cash down.


No cash deposit required

How do I find a suitable property

How do I pay  the correct price

How do I go ahead and buy the property

How to check my credit worthiness

How to obtain bond finance

How to smoothly transition from your lease to your own property – timing the move / lease cancellation.

Stop paying rent and become your own landlord now.

Get answers to all these questions

Although it is a relatively simple process, there are a few factors to consider and traps to avoid, so we held a webinar to show you how to transition from being a tenant forever to being your own landlord.

This webinar will show you how to do it with no deposit required, and at the same monthly cost as renting. 

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