Property Management – Townhouses and Clusters 


Do you handle your own property management?


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Is your property management getting you down?


Are you at your wits end with your tenants?




 Do any of these scenarios apply to you?

  • Your tenant;
    • pays badly,
    • continuously defaults and/or doesn’t pay at all,
    • has damaged your investment property,
    • ran off owing you money?
  • You want to evict your tenant but don’t know the rules?
  • How do I evict my tenant who doesn’t pay his rent?
  • Can I still evict a tenant in the new South Africa, what are my landlord rights?
  • How do I make sure my prospective tenant has a good credit rating?
  • Can I blacklist a defaulting tenant?
  • What is the PIE Act, and can I unwittingly contravene it and land up in jail?


"Targer has been managing my property in Craigavon for about seven years now, and I can recommend the company’s services without hesitation. Whether it’s dealing with a tenant on my behalf, sorting out maintenance issues, dealing with the City of Johannesburg’s imperfect rates department or supplying me with rental income consolidations for my tax return, the Targer team has made my journey as a landlord as painless as possible."
Charles Webster

Managing your own property may have seemed a good idea, but it can be a minefield.

Managing townhouses and clusters for more than 20 years.

 Buy to let Property management

Our well established property managers work closely with our team of experienced and committed estate agents to ensure that you, the  investor’s, property is let to respectable tenants who survive our in depth credit checking procedures.

In our world, late rental payments are taboo, we have established systems and procedures that ensure that the buy to rent investor gets his rent on time!

Targer have established relationships with credit bureaus and attorneys to ensure that late rental payment is not tolerated at all.

Likewise, to the benefit of tenants, we ensure that the properties we manage are well maintained and levies are paid timeously to ensure un-interrupted services.


This is a copy of a letter  sent to all of our tenants… 

Your Credit Rating


Targer Realty are contractually bound to collect the rental on behalf of your landlord and the standard terms of our contract require that we register late (or partial) rental payments with the credit bureau (TPN Credit Bureau).

Unless otherwise arranged in writing, your rental is due by the 1st of the month. We allow a grace period of 3 days to allow for transfers made from different banks.

Any payment not received in our account by the 3rd of the month will result in our having to register you with the credit bureau.  PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU. A poor credit record will negatively affect every future lease agreement, or credit applications ( eg clothing accounts, car purchase, homeloans). Yes, it is true, late rental payments now, may prevent you ever owning your own home!!

Please do not let this happen to you, if you cannot pay your rental timeously for whatever reason, contact your Targer Realty property manager to make a special arrangement with the landlord, and avoid this terrible consequence.

The example below is the TPN Credit Record of a tenant who paid his rental late one month and did not pay the following month.  Although he is not yet “blacklisted”, he may as well be. He won’t get credit anywhere with a record like this.



 We take the hassle out of owning property!

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