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We offer urgent property sales in Gauteng that can save you the pain and embarrasement of a forced sale in execution.

Sell your property urgently and continue staying in it?

Yes it is possible!

For well positioned properties in Gauteng, we offer a relatively painless transition from distressed homeowner to relieved tenant. Let us arrange a lease agreement with the investor who purchases your property.

If you want to change your temporary financial crises into “sold”, give us  a call or email us on the form provided below and one of our agents will contact you for a quick valuation and an honest appraisal.

We can offer a direct sale or a sale and leaseback . (This way you don’t even have to move! )

Gauteng is an attractive location for our investors. Urgent property sales in Gauteng to investors who are standing by can often save the day.

A quick sale and lease back will keep your creditors at bay and save your name and reputation, so that you can “buy again another day”



urgent property sales in Gauteng

We specialise in urgent property sales.


We have many hundreds of eager investors just waiting for the right deal to come along in Gauteng.


  • Bank foreclosure on your property
  • Having to move in a hurry
  • Being blacklisted

Don’t let your sale become a “distressed sale” or “sale in execution”, let us sell it for you.

We are specialists in Quick and discrete sales to investors. You dont even have to move. We can arrange alease agreement with your purchaser. Quickly and discretely

urgent property sales in Gauteng gavel


Don’t let the auctioneer’s gavel  seal  your fate!

Sell and remain in occupation!


For action on your urgent property sale, hit this button and we will get back to you. 

Urgent – I need to sell fast